Friday, September 28, 2012

Painting contest: Dark Apostle

I had a tough time picking what to put together for this competition. As it turned out with Dark Vengeance, the Gnarloc, and a table full of Daemons & Space Wolves makes for a ton of choices.

That being said I figured I'd keep it simple this time. I've  been excited by the mace wielding Chosen since I first saw him, so I figured he'd make a great showcase piece.

I took it kinda easy: no scenic base, no drastic freehand, just a clean, quality mini with a good scheme. College students weren't really back into town & my buddy Yorrik is sitting this one out to be a judge (since he'd placed in three other painting competitions), so I figured there'd be minimal competition.

As it turns out, I was wrong.

One of the store regulars submitted a stellar looking Ork Bomba, complete with scenic base and a freehand gretchin pinup girl painted on the side (it is all at once impressive and disturbing). He placed some questionable looking aquarium plants on the base, but I know when I'm beat. Odds are good that I'll come in 2nd, and walk away with a lesson about underestimating my fellow gamers. I'll probably post shots of all of the competition's models keep you informed about what happens.



  1. Thanks JayDee,

    Update: Judging completed today & I eked into 2nd place ahead of an Imperial Fist converted from a Drago.

    Not sure when the next painting competition is, but I'm already making plans.