Saturday, September 22, 2012

More Chaos pics

Here are some more shots from the upcoming White Dwarf. A lot of good looking stuff here (grabbed from Faeit 212)

Now that I get to see a profile of the Hell Drake's head I like it a great deal more. I also like how the various wing segments appear to come from an eight-pointed star. The swept-wing look also makes it appear to be slowing down to attack.

The new champion appears to have been made right alongside the DV Chosen. I'm really hoping that it's a plastic clamshell pack instead of finecast too, it seems likely since it looks like it's on a pre-modeled base. The horns seem a little big, although I like that they're reminiscent of a Bloodletter's horns.

As I'd hoped it looks like the Warp Talons & Raptors come from a single plastic kit. You can see the similar bodies & jump packs when you compare the two. Side by side you can see that the legs are exactly the same, although there differences in the feet. The Raptor feet appear to have crampons of some sort, while the Warp Talons have talons (go fig). I'll be interested to see how they are applied, maybe separate foot bits?

I'm neither excited nor disappointed by the new Sorcereror or Dark Apostle. Compared to the awesome things they did with the Dark Vengeance box I was hoping they'd step up the look of the Sorcerer. I suppose an alternate head or two could boost it in my opinion, but it still lacks zazz. I'd probably like the apostle better without the enormous Chaos halo, and the overuse of "purity" seals.

What can be said about the Mutilators that hasn't already been said about Kuato from Total Recall?  I can see where they were going, but I think their GPS sent them into an ugly, arse-faced ditch.

That being said. I'm still not discounting any of these guys until I see them in person. Now I'm mostly looking forward to seeing what they rules look like.


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