Sunday, June 21, 2015

Back in the Saddle again.

That's one term of school down, and three(ish) to go. Between 16 credits (13 of which were graduate level), the twins learning how to climb out of their cribs and subsequently refusing to take naps, and working weekends it was probably the hardest term of classes I've ever had to endure. I got straight A's though, so I feel good about it.

I hear the next year is going to be "lock-yourself-in-your-room-and-forget-you-have-a-family" hard, so I'm gonna make this Summer a good one. I also resigned from my job a few weeks ago to concentrate on college & my upcoming student teaching, so that'll give me a bit more free time for the family and painting when I have some down time.

I was supposed to do OFCC again this year, but it ended up conflicting with our yearly family vacation, so I had to bow out. I was going to build a Khorne Daemonkin army for that tourney, since I already had a number of units, but as I started evaluating the units I realized I had a lot more Tzeentch daemons/marines. So lately I've been building toward a (rumored) Tzeentch Daemonkin army instead. 

If I do any marines I'll paint them up as the Sons of the Cyclops, the Tzeentch-specific faction of the Black Legion. They'd fit nicely with the blue & gold color scheme I've used up to this point.
At the moment I have a Lord of Change, the Changeling, 5 Heralds (3 on discs), Ahriman, a Terminator Sorcerer, 30 horrors, 8 rubric marines, 7 Flamers, 9 screamers, 2(+) Princes, a Soul Grinder, & a few tanks I could add some spiky bits to (a Land Raider, & a Predator) so I should be set. (I might need some more CC to protect the squishy units, some bikes, raptors, or a maulerfiend)

Aside from that, I've been preparing for "Muninn's Month o' Minis" which will start July 1st. I have a lot of partly-painted minis, so this should help shore up a lot of unfinished work. I have so much I could probably add a week or two of extra minis. Now that I've quit my photography job it'll also make taking/editing pictures a bit more interesting.

I still have a few classes this Summer, but without work, and with my wife on Summer break, it should still give me plenty of time. Expect to see a lot more over the next few months.


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