Saturday, March 16, 2013

First Tau leaks arrive.

Finally, the first White Dwarf pics of the new Tau units have arrived, compliments of sinowarrior at Warseer. The shots are small, but they're the first wave of what I'm sure will be many. I do, in fact, have a mostly unbuilt Tau army so I've been watching the news with great interest, and finally we're getting our first real snippets.

The Riptide looks immense. I'll have to see what my army is lacking, but I would certainly make room for that beastly Tau mech. I can see picking up pathfinders as well, since they've always seemed a clutch unit, but I'll have to see better shots before I make that call.

 The battleforce seems reasonable, and as far as most Tau players are concerned, relatively little fat to trim. I know not everyone cares for the stealth suits, but they're one of my favorite units, & I certainly wouldn't mind adding a few more. Also, who doesn't want any Fire Warriors, Crisis Suits or Piranha?

The Broadside looks interesting, but still needs a cleaner shot for me to form a real opinion.

I'll be posting more shots as soon as I find them.


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