Saturday, March 30, 2013

High Elf photo leak

Well this morning came with a surprise leak of some new High Elf units, as well that the High Elves are being released in the immediate future. This was apparently grabbed off a GW facebook page by some lovely folks over at Warseer.

There's obviously a good bit of speculation about what we see here. There's obviously a Phoenix mount (possibly for Phoenix Guard) as well as the blue variant (Ice maybe?). One interesting bit to me is that it appears that the wings are interchangeable, so you can put them on to appear that the eagles are either flapping their wings up or down (compare the two red phoenix's wings).

Other sightings from this shot are what appears to be an Eagle Chariot, halfway off the bottom of the screen. Another guy thought the unit to the far right were new Reavers, but no one else sees it (I don't play HEs so I wouldn't be a good judge).

Either way, this looks like a good confirmation that High Elves are close, if not next. Exciting new for the folks who've been waiting patiently for their pointy-eared/helmeted army to be in the spotlight.

More when I have it.


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