Friday, March 22, 2013

Painting Competition: Kroot update

I've gotten some pretty good progress on my Scourge/Kroot conversion. I've been able to get about 45 minutes of modeling in every day between feedings or after my wife has taken the babies to bed.

Here's the GSed armor as it was last week. I've cleaned it up significantly since. You can see in an effort to make him appear grizzled I've added a few scars around his head (There'll be even more on the rest of his body).

Here's where I am as of this morning.

The arms are only pinned at the moment, & still need to be GSed properly, and the head isn't in place either. The head will probably be painted separately since it's set in an awkward spot between the arms and wings.

The rifle & arms were a bear. What you see is a combination of three guns cobbled together, and two mismatched arms. It took a lot of time patience & pinning to get everything where I wanted it (I accidentally put my drill through the end of the gun, but that can be fixed). I still have to GS the shoulders, but it should be just about right.

Yorrik was kind enough to give me some of his Dark Eldar troop bits, & I've tried to put them to good use. You can see I applied a kneepad to the bent leg, and gave the kroot a DA loincloth. Both of those bits had to be carved out of a trooper's legs, but they add a nice bit of color to the mini.

I have two more weeks left til the mini is due, so I think I'm right on course.

More once I'm further along.



  1. Very cool conversion.
    Inspiring work!

  2. That is a very dynamic pose and a pretty damn smooth conversion. Kudos!