Monday, March 25, 2013

Meet the PC: Xiang Jiao, Deathwatch Apothecary

One of my favorite parts about tabletop roleplaying is finding, modeling, and painting the perfect miniatures for our party PCs. I've been doing this for years now, and thought I'd share some of these characters with you.

The second member of our Deathwatch team was played by an old friend of mine, Sickpuppy. He has a dark sense of humor, so his character was Xiang Jiao, the last Apothecary from the Celestial Lions chapter. He had a very fatalistic take on the galaxy, and would throw himself into fights with abandon in order to die like his battle brothers.

Similar to my own Tactical marine, Tiberion, the only hard part about this mini was free-handing the Chapter symbol. I'd never painted a lion head before, but I thought it looked pretty good.


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  1. Just found your blog and damn that is a nice medic. Truly outstanding freehand on the lion!