Monday, March 4, 2013

Meet the PC: Father Magnus, Human Cleric

 One of my favorite parts about tabletop roleplaying is finding, modeling, and painting the perfect miniatures for our party PCs. I've been doing this for years now, and thought I'd share some of these characters with you.

The fourth member of our Castlevania party was played by my high school friend, Havok. He rolled our party's Cleric, Father Magnus, a Catholic priest sent to investigate reports of growing werewolf activity around the Belmont lands. In the course of his duties he became close to the family and became integral to our quest.

This is Reaper's classic Jonas Kane mini. It probably wasn't the most ideal mini, but it was kinda daunting to find a cleric mini that fit the bill without looking like he was going to kick down the door and take down Dracula by himself. Were I to pick the model now, I'd use this guy, but unfortunately he wasn't produced until recently.


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