Monday, March 18, 2013

More leaked Tau shots: Riptide, Farsight, Pathfinders & more

Here are a few more shots garnered from around the webs (I snagged these from Lord_Shorty at Warseer).

I've finally got some pics large enough to edit, and these have cleaned up nicely

I was really enjoying combing over the shots of the ever-intriguing Riptide. It's beastly (in a good way). I can imagine picking one of these up and using it as the largest entry in the local painting competition because... Hell, just because.

Next most interesting is Farsight. It's dynamic, and different enough that I can see a lot of people getting him just to mix up their own crisis suit teams. Another great sculpt.

The Pathfinders... I'm still not sure about. I know they used to be set apart by the elongated shape of their helmets, but I don't really see it.

The flyer looks great too. To me it looks like something you could actually see in the air (to me it looks like a plane you'd see in the old cartoon, Tail Spin)

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  1. The flyer reminds me of the De Havilland Venom fighter plane from WWII.

    Cheers for the pictures Muninn!