Saturday, April 13, 2013

Commission: Judge Dredd Commissar

No sooner did I finish my Kroot mini did another get dropped in my lap.

During a local game convention a buddy of mine asked if I'd be up to paint a Judge Dredd mini (from Mongoose Publishing) so he could use it as a Commissar in his IG army. No problem. All he asked was for an urban, terminator-sized base, & thought it'd be great if I could have Dredd stepping off of a Dark Judge's head.

Well here's where I'm at.

The client is obviously a huge Judge Dredd fan, so everything will be kept in line with the source material.  The paint scheme will be close to the shot below, but darker. deeper blue, darker less vibrant green, & a rich gold. So hopefully a bit less cartoony.
There are four Dark Judges Judge Death, Judge Fear, Judge Fire, & Judge Mortis.

From left: Fear, Death, Fire, & Mortis
 Looking at the options there I figured that Judge Fear would be easiest to fabricate. It's basically a Mk III Space Marine helmet with bat-wings, so basically a Horus Heresy Night Lord. Now all I have to do is complete a trade for a Forge World MK III head (then convert & mutilate it) & I'm golden.

More as work progresses. Hope you enjoy.


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