Friday, April 19, 2013

White Dwarf Leaks: High Elves on the march

The first pics are in of the offerings in the next White Dwarf. The rumors have been accurate once again, and the High Elf Army will be receiving their new codex an units in no time. I nabbed these from Faeit 212.

By the way, is anyone else thrilled at the rate these armies are being released? This will be the sixth codex release of 2013 (Dark Angels, Warriors of Chaos, Daemons of Chaos, Chaos Daemons, Tau, High Elves) and is the rumors are true there will be four or five more, depending on who you believe (Eldar, Lizardmen, Space Marines, Orks, Tyranids, and Imperial Guard have all been mentioned.)

Anyhoo. Back to the Elves. Looks like a nice crop of new minis. I'd have to say my favorites are the Female spearman, and the Shadow Warriors, although I can see myself doing a bits order of those flaming bows & arrows. Those look stellar too.

I once entertained the idea of starting a High Elf army, but never could find anyone willing to split the Island of Blood box set with me. Something about an elite army speaks to me, since Fantasy armies have sooo many minis. I have an unfinished Orc & Goblin army, but there aren't enough fantasy players around to compel me to put it back on the front of my painting table.


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