Friday, April 5, 2013

Painting Competition: Almost there

True to form, I'll be painting this thing until the last minute.

The good news is that I made major headway over my weekend. The scenic base and space marine are complete, as are the kroot's skin, armor, & many details.  Bad news is that there are still a few hours left before it's done.

Here's the finished Space Marine. When coming up with the scene I decided I wanted to have the marine come from a chapter with a particular hatred of Dark Eldar (since the kroot was clearly working for them). It fell to either the White Scars or Salamanders, & I figured the battle damage would show up better on a green marine than a white one.

Here's the (99.9%) finished product:

More bad news is that, as of yesterday, *no one else has entered a mini.* So there's a chance that I'm going to all this effort with absolutely no one else in the constest. That might stick in my craw.



  1. It sucks when your only competition is your self. I still lose somehow o.0 Nice work though. You could always sell it on ebay ;)

  2. Not really a Salamander fan myself, but that is an absolutely amazing paint job...