Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Tau Pathfinders: Box Breakdown

The new Tau boxes have been in short supply, so I only just got the Pathfinders the other day. This is another box chock-full of goodies. Lots of bits, plenty of extras to go around, some nice conversion possibilities too.

Here are the Pathfinder sprues. A total of 2, with 134 individual bits. There are a lot of small, easily lost pieces here, so be mindful of that when you start clipping.

There are two general types of minis the box builds: Dudes & Droids (which sounds like the name of an alternative lifestyle magazine in Star Wars). In the interest of packing as much into each sprue as possible they aren't all clumped together, but much of the bit placement is intuitive.

The two things I'm happiest to see here are the three bare tau heads. Before this there hasn't been a lot of character in the plastics, so it's nice to see a bit of variety and emotion.
With a little modification I think the center one would be good for an Ethereal conversion.

Dude bits:
10 Helmeted Heads
3 Bare Heads
10 Chests
10 Legs (2 of which are kneeling)
10 Aerials
8 held Pulse Carbines (8 matching arms)
2 loose Pulse Carbines
1 Pulse Carbine with straps
10 Markerlights
3 Ion Rifles (3 matching arms, & 3 muzzles)
3 Rail Rifles (3 matching arms, & 3 muzzles)
2 arms to hold loose Pulse Carbine
4 arms holding items (sensor, clip, aerial, binoculars)
1 arm with empty hand
1 Shas'ui Backpack
1 Bonding Knife
16 accessories (pouches, grenades, sensors, pulse pistol, holstered pistol)

Drone bits:
2 standard drone domes
3 drone aerials
2 gun drone Pulse Carbines
1 gun drone base 
1 drone markerlight
1 markerlight drone base
1 pulse accelerator drone base
1 pulse accelerator drone panel
1 shield drone base
1 recon drone dome
1 recon drone cap
1 recon drone Burst Cannon (2 bits total)
1 recon drone base
1 recon drone sensor

All told, some good variety, plus if you have a tau army it'll give you bits for

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