Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Painting Competition: Kroot base

Slowly but surely I'm working on my competition entry.

It's tough to balance all my responsibilties, but I'm managing to get a little work in every day. Deadline is Saturday, and I'm about to start my weekend, so I dearly hope that I'll be able to make some major headway in my painting.

You might be wondering what's taking so long since most of the modeling was done over a week ago. Well truth be told I was only showing you part of the final model. The whole entry is quite a bit bigger.

The whole scene is actually a duel between my Kroot mercenary and an injured Salamander. The bit with the kroot is blended in with the rest of the scene, and magnetized so it's detachablility should be hidden nicely. I've got most of the base complete, with just a white drybrushing and wash to go until it's finished. The Space marine has a ways to go still, and I haven't even started on the kroot itself.

I should probably prioritize the kroot, since it's the whole point of the contest. I can't help dragging my heels though since I'm going back and forth on the paint scheme. I've been planning to paint it's skin in a blue-green (Incubi Darkness base up through a light blue-grey), but looking at it now I don't think it'll be menacing enough, and likely won't stand out next to the prone Salamander. Maybe I'll go back to a ruddy red skin like my Fallen. It'd balance nicely, I just need to remember what I did to get that color....


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