Friday, May 18, 2012

Day 17: Hormagaunt

This was to be a test mini for a bigger project, however I quickly discovered that orange is a pain in the A$$, so I scrapped it, and this guy was left unfinished until yesterday.

First, a little context, Here in Oregon there are two major rival universities. Oregon State University (Colors: Black & Orange. Best well known for a mascot that's a common sexual slang & not living up to their athletic potential), and the University of Oregon (Colors: Green & Yellow. Best well known for having more outfits than a Kardashian, & access to anything they want from Nike).

A long while back I entertained the idea of creating a school spirit diorama for OSU. The concept would be an overwhelming group of Orange & Black nids "Zerg Rushing" their way towards a faltering group of Green & Yellow Eldar. Well, like I mentioned, painting orange is like a war of attrition. So this guy got shuffled to the back of the mini cabinet.

It's worth noting though that this diorama is also the basis for my current Eldar scheme.


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