Thursday, May 24, 2012

Day 23: Grey Knight Inquisitor

I'm calling this guy Inquisitor Shrive. Since his colors are the same as you see traditionally at Mardi Gras (Purple, Green, & Gold) I figured I should give him an appropriate name. I was bouncing between Bacchus (King of Mardi Gras/Greek God of wine), Xango (Voodoo Loa of War, Lightning, & Fire), and Shrive (the origin word for Shrove Tuesday, also means to confess). he has one incomplete bit, as he's missing the decorative shield on his shoulder, it's currently a gold nub.

Back at the beginning of the Iraq war I was sent to do some training in Denver. While I was there I came across a guy in the local game store that used a terminator mini I'd never seen before. Since it was so interesting I bought it off of him that day, not realizing it was an old, incomplete, Grey Knight terminator. I tossed a pair of GK metal arms onto it. They're a bit big, but they fit better than anything else I have.

Hope you like him.


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