Friday, May 4, 2012

Day 3: Genasi Artificer

Today's offering is one from an old D&D game of mine, a water Genasi treasure hunter named Zarina Ambrose (Reaper's Kyla, Bounty Hunter mini).

She was an alright character, but she suffered a bit from my not knowing the mechanics of her class (I was trying out the D&D 4th edition Artificer class for the first time. It's not very well supported, & kinda tough to make work well)

Admittedly there wasn't much left to do on the mini. Her skin & most of her clothing was done & all that was really left to finish were the details like the belts, buckles, hair, bags, & weapons. It's got a lot of detail though, so even those added up to a few hours of work.

One thing of note with this project is that I already have the minis selected and assigned to their dates.

I've tried to place them based upon how much time I expect to be able to dedicate to mini painting on a given day. So since Thursday I was working and participating in a game night I assigned a mini that wouldn't take as much time to finish. During my work week I have easy/partially completed minis, whereas on my weekend I have detailed, or completely unfinished minis.

I also have the weeks divided by the types of miniature:
Weeks 1 & 2 are Roleplaying minis,
Week 3 is 40k Xenos,
Week 4 is 40k Imperium,
Week 5 is Fantasy

This could change a bit based on unforeseen circumstances, but for now that's my plan.


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