Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Day 28: Black Guard & Slaver

After yesterday I'm all caught up & I'm on schedule for the home stretch of this project.

Welcome to Warhammer Fantasy Week: The first mini is an old Black Guard figure that was given to me about a decade ago.
I always see Dark Elves with purple or red so I wanted to play around with an alternate, but equally malevolent scheme. My idea would be a black armor with gold edging, and ochre yellow accents. The skin didn't turn out quite how I'd have liked it, so that'll be something for me to play around with in the future. Maybe something a little more purplish to balance out all the yellows.

Monday's mini I picked up at my local stores discount shelf. People drop off bunches of metal minis for him to sell on commission, & I happened across this one. I don't play Skaven, but it's nice to have a couple tunnel crawlers around.
Today's mini shouldn't give me any trouble, and then it'll be smooth sailing since Wednesday & Thursday happens to be my weekend. Hope you like what you see.


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