Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Night Wolves: Logan Grimnar

A few years back I painted a Rune Priest for a buddy, I was bored, & it was pretty much on a lark. Now, years later, he'd like me to continue painting his army & he's offering to pay. He uses a dark blue scheme for his wolves (originally I used Storm Blue as a basecoat, but that isn't a thing any more, so I've been substituting Necron Abyss).

He likes the original mini, but wants the new guys' armor to be a few shades lighter, and the metal to have a brassy tone to it.

I finished this guy in early March, but I figured I could stand to break up my Mini Challenge with something else.

I'm happy with him, and the owner is too. You can't see it this picture but the door he's standing on has freehand scrawlings and Blood Angels icons as well as some weathering. If I'd had a bit longer I would have liked to do a little freehand linework on the cloak along with a few runes, although I figure it's probably still above & beyond for the price without it.


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