Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Day 15: Ork Burna & Farseer

So this project wouldn't be called a Challenge if it weren't challenging, & I hit my first speed bump.

I ended up putting in a 13+ hour workday one day, and had to work early the next, so I didn't finish Monday's mini on time. I managed to get it about 70% of the way before I had get to bed. I rallied yesterday though & got them both done.

Here's Monday's mini. An old metal Bad Moon Burna Boy.
 He's a little sloppy looking, but really, it's an ork. I don't even remember why I have this guy. I think these guys came in blisters of two, so I probably went halfsies with a buddy on the blister just so I could have something different. I painted him up as a Bad Moon, since I haven't done much with yellow so far, and I don't know if I've ever seen one in real life.

Yesterday's mini is a return to my Eldar scheme. This time it's a Farseer though.
This guy I've had since I got out of the Navy in 2005. I used this Farseer's spear as part of the base for a Space Wolf Runepriest, so I ended up having to create a new one for him. What you see here is actually a shaved down chainsword with some added gems.


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