Monday, January 14, 2013

40K Giveaway: Winner's Choice

The first giveaway got a really positive reaction, so I thought I'd give it another shot.

Unfortunately there was a bit of a snafu when I mailed the Emperor's Champion. I sent it in time to get to Skywatcher before Christmas, but it never made it. I offered to buy him a new Champion, but we agreed on another mini from my bits box instead.

Word to the wise: Always buy the package tracking.

Okay, back to the giveaway.

Here's my attempt at an M. Night Shyamalan twist: There's more than one mini to choose from.

A Space Wolf scout
An early edition Plaguemarine w/melta
An XV15 Tau Stealth suit
A Legion of the Damned marine
An Eldar Warpspider
A Warlord Vale Swordsman
A Clan War Scorpion samurai

In another mini twist (Ha!), there are two non 40k minis up for grabs as well. I have a lot of RPG miniatures kicking around, so I thought I'd add a few to the lot.

The rules are simple, but modified this time:
1)  Be a public follower of this blog (I want to see you in the 'Members' gadget on the right).
2)  Leave a comment below giving your first and second choice of minis from the photo above.
3)  If you promo my giveaway on your blog or website you'll be entered to win twice (Make sure to let me know if you do).
4)  If you win the item, come back and leave a comment once you've received it saying,"Hey, I got it!"

May the odds be ever in your favor.



  1. I find it both ironic and incredibly 40K that the "stealth suit" is... space marine sized with a gun that would give any bolter some serious envy.

    1. Nah, it's cool, they have a holo-stealth-field thingie that makes them invisible like the Predator. That would doe nothing to dampen the metallic whine and drum-busting blast of their futuristic minigun though! Unless they've got sound-dampeners built into it too. I can't remember.

      The newer stealth suits are the size of Terminators.

    2. Truth, plus there've been rumors of a new stealth suit sculpt. Maybe this time they'll be even bigger.

    3. I'm glad that you proved my point for me?

  2. Picking the best 2 out of that lot is pretty tough! My pick would be the Plaguemarine - because that original early Plague feel is just down right awesome. Pickelhaube and a gas mask, does it get more awesome then that?
    And second... The Clan War Samurai. It might seem like an underdog next to the 40k minis but it totally doesn't care -ITS A SAMURAI!

  3. Picking 2, the Wolf Scout having an ancient Wolf army, he'd fit right in... Painting something completely different, the Samurai might be interesting... :-) Repainting my Praetorians, kind of sick of painting the same things over and over...

  4. My picks would be the Space wolf scout, it's a nice sculpt for its age and that Warlord vale swordsman, I'm trying to paint my non 40k stuff this year to learn new techniques and push my skills a bit.

  5. I want that Scorpion Samurai first and that Plague marine second!

  6. So hard to choose but I'm going to beg for the legion of the damned marine first and the stealth suit second please.....

    1. Just mentioned your comp in my recent blog post and put you on my blog roll.

  7. Plague marine is choice 1 and eldar is my second choice.

  8. Thanks Muninn for the contests! Here's to safe travels for the minis. (I won last time, so don't count me in on this one)