Saturday, January 19, 2013

Test Mini: Plaguebearer

There have been a lot of rumors spinning around lately about an imminent Chaos Daemons codex release in March. With the revelation of the Warriors of Chaos book release, I'm not exactly sure where that leaves those of us who field the harbingers of chaos.

Either way, after finishing the Greater Knarloc, I set about to finally try my hand at the Plaguebearers that have been sitting patiently in my mini case.  I've had a few concerns about working on these guys. Namely, my panting style doesn't really lend itself to the Nurgle rot look. Almost all of my minis are clean, like they're heading into battle. Clean lines, clean look. Pretty straightforward stuff.

So before I jumped in feet first on all ten guys I painted one. Here he is.

I'm pretty happy with how he looks. It was a simple paint job, and I could probably knock out ten guys like this in a week if I had enough free time. Even more important though, I feel like it has a dirty, Nurgly quality while still looking like my style of painting.

After taking this picture, and looking at him a bit more I came to the conclusion that the pustules were too close in tone to the teeth and bones. I added bits of Lamenters Yellow Glaze to set them apart. Also, I decided to make the horn a bone color to be more in line with my other Daemons.

Steps for the Body:
1: Basecoat of Castellan Green, then adding layers while mixing in Nurgling Green. The highest higlight is straight Nurgling green, but it's pretty sparse
2: I add Balor Brown dots to the pustules, and Khorne Red into the recesses where skin appears to have ripped away.
3: I paint on a layer of Sanguine Highlight (from P3) over the Khorne Red, then add a little white to the Sanguine Highlight for the highlight.
4: Water down the Sanguine Highlight a bunch to turn it into a wash. Paint on thin areas of the red wherever want to look infected, like under the eyes and around the pustules.
5: Wash the whole frickin' thing in Athonian Camoshade.
6: Mix Balor Brown with White and add smaller dots over the pustules. Dab pustules with Lamenters Yellow Glaze.
7: Snakebite Leather through Bleached Bone for teeth & bones.

Steps for the Plaguesword:
1: Basecoat of Boltgun metal mixed with Athonian Camoshade. This will give the metal a dark greenish hue, but will also thin it out significantly.
2: Highlight edges with Chainmail. Add spots of Dark Flesh where you want some rust.
3: Add spots of Macharius Orange over the dark flesh spots
4: Do a light wash with Athonian Camoshade.


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