Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Painting Competition: Ahriman's base

The deadline for the local painting competition has been pushed back a few weeks, so I can actually spend some time putting everything together. I popped out to a craft store on my lunch bread and got myself some cork board for use in some bases.

The smallest amount of cork I could find was a 4 pack of 12"x12" boards. Far more than I'd ever be able to use. I just took what I wanted for myself and handed the rest to my local game store owner and commissioned him to sell them to my fellow hobbyists.

 Here's what I did once I got home:
This is another mini that I intend to use for my own army, but I figured I could gussy it up a bit. I plan to surround him with 20+ ablative cultists, so I'm not too worried about making him more susceptible to enemy LOS . You can see I tossed him on top of two chunks of cork. When I see people layer cork on cork I'm usually slightly distracted by the seam where they come together. To combat that I glued down patches of sand wherever the seam was apparent.

I want a few neat visual details to add a bit of fun to the base, so I added the decorative terrain bit (in the lower left section), and a decapitated cultist head from the DV box. Like I said, he's going to be accompanied by cannon fodder cultists, so I figured that'd be completely appropriate.

You can't tell from the photo, but the neck, and backpack area are covered in dollops of white Elmer's glue. I'm going to be painting the head and backpack separately and I don't want the spray primer to touch the areas where they will eventually connect. By adding the glue and allowing it to dry prior to priming the model it forms a protective cap that will pop off easily once I'm ready to glue the pieces together.

The valley where I live is experiencing some particularly cold weather, so I'm going to hold off on priming until there're some better conditions.  In the meantime I'm working on my plaguebearers, and the DV Deathwing.


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  1. I love that white glue tip! Brilliant. I usually use a little blob of Blue-tac or a thin layer of Vaseline that I wipe off later with a Q-tip. Great base too.