Sunday, January 27, 2013

Dawn of the Dad

In the original cut, Leia gives Luke a wet willie

So... funny story,

My wife and I went in for a standard prenatal visit Thursday afternoon. When they check her blood pressure it was high, and when they gave her a little test to find out if she was passing protein, she was.

These two tests together meant that she might have preeclampsia, a disorder that means that the stress the pregnancy is putting on her body was affecting her kidneys and possibly more organs. One ultrasound, a battery of tests, and a lot of waiting later, my wife was put in an ambulance and sent South to a hospital that was capable of handling emergency births (I posted "Change is Coming" during the long wait ). Before we left, we were told that we might be having kids that night. We were in a bit of shock.

Keep in mind, these kids aren't expected until March, so we didn't have the house clean, the cribs or cradles in the house, or have the nursery set up (read: "we were S.O.L.").
What do you mean you weren't ready? You had eight friggin' months
We got to the better hospital around 11pm and had our fears put to rest: we weren't going to be having babies Thursday night.

Instead, they were delivered Saturday. Two healthy babies, one little boy (3lbs 10oz, 15 3/4") and one little girl (3lbs 3oz, 16 1/4"). Let's call them Adam and Adora.
I think I've found this year's Christmas Card
Since birth they've been flourishing in a great Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, and have had some great caregivers and nurses looking after them. Adam has been a premature baby rockstar. After a single day of life he no longer needs any breathing assistance and has been amazingly stable. He's also been gnawing non-stop on his pacifier which is a great sign of his being ready to feed unassisted.

Adora has had a harder time since her arrival. She had a tighter fit during her time in the ovarian prison, and has bruises on her feet and right leg. Her stats are less consistent, but still healthy. She's getting a little extra breathing help via a small air tube, and already has a few signs of jaundice. Most of this stuff will fix itself, or with a little help, but she's a trooper.

We've had family with us ever since the start of our little debacle, and they've been instrumental in keeping us grounded and cared for. I know I'd have missed several meals if it hadn't been for my or my wife's folks.

My first full day as a father has been busy. Now that the twins are here I'm playing the part of tour-guide. Family members have to be escorted into the NICU three at a time, so I've been on my feet constantly. Does this make me second fiddle to kids who haven't learned the finer points of focusing their eyes yet? Absolutely. But that's fine. It means I also got to spend a lot of time with the kiddos.

For now the plan is simple: Be there to help the kids and my wife however they need it, and do my best to keep my kids on the path to come home, on the path to their potential, off the pole, and off police scanners. 
Also off the rock.



  1. Congrats on the (somewhat scary) birth of your children! Sadly, the easy part(pregnancy)is over, but that just means the fun part(raising them)is starting! Remember, sleep is for the weak.

    1. I'm living that mantra right now. Wife needs help setting up her milk pump once every three hours, and I've been cleaning them after each use, plus baby visits, driving between cities, plus work.


      Thanks for your support.


  2. Congratulations on this epic milestone. I guess they couldn't wait to see their parents. Glad to hear they are doing well. Let's just say your life will be forever changed.