Saturday, January 19, 2013

Warhammer 10k

I'm happy to say that I just hit 10,000 hits (according to the google stats at least). I know most people would probably consider this a silly milestone, but I've been looking forward to it since my first post, 6 months ago (the May Mini Madness posts were all backdated, and mirrored the same posts I made on my old Warseer project log).

Thanks to everyone who has clicked and lingered, even if you were just here looking for information on Terry Crew's grandfather. Special thanks to everyone who has stayed and contributed, either through comments, content, advice, or easily stolen ideas (40k Giveaway).

I've had fun sharing my work and ideas through this blog, and look forward to the next months of posts as well. I hope you like what you've seen, as well as what's to come.


PS. While reading back through my old posts I realized I compared the new plastic Flamers as having abs like Terry Crews, which solves the mystery of how my blog showed up on a search for him.