Friday, May 2, 2014

Day 1: Pathfinder Alchemist

I took it easy for the fist day.

This guy started as a test mini for painting freckles, but ended up pretty decent. He's actually a Reaper Bones version of the Iconic Alchemist. A few months back I wanted to try a few stippling/splattering/spraying methods for freckles, so I picked up this mini. I got it for $2, since it was on consignment, so I wasn't particularly worried about making him look good.

Well, the freckles really didn't work, and by that time I'd come to really like the color scheme I came up with for this guy so I set to painting him. I was later derailed by a shiny object, so he was never finished until now.

Like all the Bones minis I've dealt with, he's kinda bendy (particularly that arm & wand) and the details suffer a bit, like the nose. I tried to compensate with a bit of shading.  All told a decent start to my month.

More tonight as soon as I have time to post today's mini.



  1. That leather is 2 shades away from NMM gold ;) Strong start! Keep at it!!!

  2. I hadn't really considered that. Might be time to try my hand at some NMM.