Monday, May 5, 2014

Day 5: Duergar Gunner

The Cinco de Mayo mini is one that I picked up two years ago for my very first May Mini Madness. Back then I bought a 4-pack of dwarves from the old WOTC skirmish game, Chainmail. I painted the cleric the first year, the legionnaire the second year, and now the gunner.

There's also a grenadier that I'll paint in the next few weeks. No need to save him for 2015.

I want the Duergar to look drab, so I've been using browns for much of their clothing, and using Agrax Earthshade to mute the golds. She isn't perfect, but she's a proper cave-crawler. I guess I'll have to write a duergar encounter to put into a game someday.


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