Sunday, May 25, 2014

Day 23: Celestial Lion (4/4)

The last Lion
When the new Space Marine codex came out I started formulating a new army. The idea would be a primary detachment of Iron Hands for long-range & heavy support (Techmarines, snipers, Storm Raven, dreadnought, & Thunderfire cannon) & Imperial Fists for some reliable dakka (Tac squads in rhinos, lots of bolters)

Iron Hands are easy to paint, but Fists are a pain (as noted last week). So I've been considering successor chapters. Hammers of Dorn were my first choice, but now Celestial Lions are a contender too. Iton Hands & Hammers share a very similar palette, so the two chapters might not stand out on the tabletop. Lions would however. It'd just be a matter of whether or not I could figure out an easier way to apply gold.

I think they look pretty good as a group though.


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