Saturday, May 3, 2014

Day 3: David Gore

Today's mini was a bit of a pain in the butt.

The owner of my friendly local gaming store bought Fantasy Flight's Adventurers as a present for his daughter, and wanted all of the minis painted before she got back from a road trip this week.

I told him I'd take a stab at a few of them, in exchange for a pot of Red Gore paint (I need it to paint my remaining Chaos guys & my paint pot just dried up), so he handed me a pair of minis and the character card that showed how they should be painted.

 The minis themselves are lowish quality as far as these things go. The faces are really non-descript, with almost no detail (the second mini has it way worse. I imagine you'll see her in a few days). They're just as soft and bendy as Bones, so you have to watch how you handle them too. There's also that mold line under his pointing arm. The store owner flashed most of the model & primed it so I left it alone, but now I can't stop staring at it whenever I look at the picture.

Plus this guy was wearing a while suit & pants. That's always fun while attempting to paint speedily.
 Here's the art he was based on.
I stayed true to the color scheme. Although I imagine my mini's suit is more of a light cream than white, but it still stands. The face is what got me the most though. It's all wrong to me, so I did what I could before calling it good enough for government work.

Wife & I are going to go see a show in Portland tomorrow, so the next mini might be a little late.


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