Thursday, May 22, 2014

Days 19, 20, & 21: Dark Vengeance Cultists

I actually finished these guys on Tuesday, but didn't have access to my work photo studio before today. My newspaper is actually in the middle of moving to a new location, so closer to the end of the month I might have to switch to amateur methods.  It happens.

Once my Night Wolves commission is over, and once this mini challenge is over my next big goal will be to finally finish my Dark Vengeance box before the *next* starter set comes out (rumored to feature Blood Angels vs Orks this August). At this point I've completed 9 minis from Chaos, and 12 from the Dark Angels. This leaves 18 chaos types (ugh) and 9 marines.

Here's a small chunk of DV box:
 One of the nice things about my batch painting plan is that it utilizes relatively few colors. In an effort to make them look both like a ragtag group, and a cohesive army I'm using the same palette throughout. This mostly means I'm using deep red, tan, black, brown and leather. Because of that, whenever I mixed paint I could work on three minis at a time.  Past that, the paint tended to dry up. So I figure three at once will be the golden number.

Today's mini was almost done, but then I dropped it. Shouldn't take too long to fix & repaint though.



  1. You've got great results form your shifting palette. They look un-uniformed but they all fit together as a unit, which is boss. I was thinking of giving the majority of my cultists a dark skin tone, plus maybe caution yellow as their primary color.

    1. That sounds like it'd be a nice contrast. I always want to paint my cheap, ablative units in bright colors so my opponents will shoot them first. I just never follow through.