Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Day 26: Tyrant Guard

UPDATE: Now, with better pictures.

Here's an old-school Tyrant Guard. I remember buying it back in 2005 right after ended my enlistment in the Navy.

Similar to my other Tyranid, he's painted in an orange and black scheme, like my home college team (my Eldar use the same scheme as the college just down the road)
The orange took a while longer than I'd intended, so I applied the black rather hastily to try & compensate. It's not an overly detailed mini, but it is big.

It just occurred to me that I have 4 large-based minis scheduled in this last week of painting (I've got two termis left).

In the last two years of this challenge I've only ever completed one large-based mini (although he wasn't actually all that large), meanwhile this year alone I'll have finished 6.

Apparently I back-loaded this year's challenge a bit.



  1. Really great scheme on the hive guard. I love the orange, it's fantastic.

    The contrast of the chitin plates is also really nice. I would suggest using a different tone for the base in the future though, its a bit too close to the chitin plates, and you lose some contrast because of that. Maybe warm up the base with some brown washes as an easy fix.

    1. An excellent point. When I was originally mapping out this scheme I was planning on the claws being bone color. I figured that'd create enough of a separation to differentiate the base from the mini.

      I've added a brown wash to it since you wrote your post.