Sunday, May 4, 2014

Day 4: Ring, Dwarven Rogue

I'd originally bought today's mini in 2008, at the dawn of 4th edition D&D. I'd come up with the idea for a sassy, headstrong, dwarven rogue with the moniker "Ring" that ran away from her mountian home to avoid a less-than-favorable betrothal.

So I wrote up a little back story, bought this mini (Reaper's Bailey Silverbell), and waited for the new edition of D&D so I could play her.

Turns out that was a terrible combination. In an edition where optimization and mobility was pretty important dwarven rogues had no stat support, and less movement than most. So I filed away my character for another day, and tossed the mini into the bits box: Never to be painted or played.

Until my GM got a hold of 13th Age, that is.

13th Age is a bit more free-form. One of your stat bonuses comes from race, and another from class, so suddenly "Ring" was a lot more viable, and I got to painting.

The campaign went on hiatus before I finished the minis, but I thought this'd be a good opportunity to complete Ring at least.

More tomorrow.


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