Friday, May 9, 2014

Day 8: Kovnic Andrei Malakov, Journeyman Warcaster

Back in August of last year I was touting the Warmachine: Tactics kickstarter. Sure, the video game sounded exciting, but I was more enticed by the limited edition minis you could get for pledging. The one I was most intrigued by was Malakov. I liked his look. In particular, he had this long, characterful face that struck me as neat.

My Miniature rewards showed up a few weeks ago, and while I was thinking about minis for this project Malakov came to mind.
He was mostly red & black (two easy colors for me) and this project helps keep me from overthinking the fact I'm painting a limited edition miniature. I tend to drag my feet about painting limited minis. I don't want to screw them up, so I never actually end up painting them. It's silly, but it happens.

I'm happy with Andrei here. There was a lot of little detail to work through. The minis isn't quite as large as I was expecting, and there was a ton of fine edging. I suppose these CAV models allow you to add small details an artist would be hard-pressed to add. Everything is pretty crisp though, and he'd stand out on the table.

He's a bit walleyed, but I don't want to try to fix that until after the month is over. I don't want to go back to repair the problem & make it worse in the process. Overall, I'm happy.

The next week or so will be dedicated to Space Marines. I'm finally going to finish more Night Wolves, and probably break into some of the marines I've neglected to finish over the years.

More tomorrow.


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