Monday, May 26, 2014

Day 24: Dragonborn Paladin

Last October I came up with an easy method of converting a Dragonborn Paladin. I got a good head start on the paint job, but then I stopped. Mostly becuase I was stumped on how to decorate his shield.

Well I finally buckled down & finished it.

I got tired of dragging my feet, & decided to do a little castle freehand with some simple shapes. It's a nice, long shield so I painted a little laurel motif at the bottom, and a few stars in the top corners to draw attention upwards. It isn't the cleanest freehand, but not bad for having been done sitting on my couch in the middle of the night.

I wanted to Dragonborn to be Black, and almost monochrome, while still having some pops of color. That's where the blue & gold came in. I suppose I could have gone for green accents, since D&D black dragons usually have acid breath, but this works just fine.

I have another, nearly identical, conversion ready to paint. Maybe I'll do that one green.



  1. Hi, would you be open to selling this piece? Or how much (if you're willing) would you charge for a blue dragonborn paladin (tempus deity) commission? Thanks! Will provide my deets if so!

    1. I do actually have another nearly identical dragonborn mini ready to paint, if you're interested. Given that you'd be buying the miniature and the commission I imagine I could swing $30 (plus shipping). I can send you a shot of the mini if you're interested. My email is linked to the blog already, but it's