Thursday, May 8, 2014

Day 7: Duergar Grenadier

I accidentally poured a glass of water on my laptop last night, which is why I'm so late in posting this (I got it turned off, upside down & on a towel almost immediately, so it's fine this morning)

I decided to go ahead & wrap this guy up. He's the fourth dwarf mini in the Chainmail booster I bought two years ago. I spent Wednesday at my inlaw's place a few towns away. When I do that I take a few paints with me & I a mini that only requires a limited palette.

This guy was pretty easy to finish up, all things, considered. All I needed was some browns & washes, so it didn't take super long. Had I put a bit more thought into my paint selection I probably would have diversified a bit, since a few places look kinda one-note. At very least I probably should have made the grenade lighter to add some more contrast. Oh well. It's done, and it fits in nicely with the rest if the Duergar, so I'm happy.

If the kids give me enough time to paint today it should be a nice new mini that many of haven't seen before.

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