Sunday, July 12, 2015

Day 10: Necromunda Malcadon Spyrer

When I first picked up this mini I had an idea for a gang comprised of an entire family of Spyrers: two older brothers, the Yeld & Orrus, a middle sister, the Jakara, and twin brothers, the Malcadons. The whole gang would use a black, white, and gold motif, and I even painted the first as a proof of concept.

This is the second twin.

The most notable thing about this paint job is that it's using the brand new Retributor Gold paint that came out this week. It's a pretty close analog to Shining Gold (Gehenna Gold was the next closest, but it's a little orange). Technically I'm just three minis away from having a whole gang of Spyrers, so maybe I'll just make that happen.


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