Thursday, July 2, 2015

Day 1: Blood Bowl Kroxigor

Welcome to the first day of the  Month 'o' Minis Challenge. This year the goal is to paint all Games Workshop minis, and these first four days will be dedicated to a few specialist/board games. Here's the first.

About a decade ago Games Workshop came up with a novel way of encouraging people to subscribe to White Dwarf. They'd send you a box of minis that'd (mostly) line up with your army. I'd been buying magazines off the rack at the time, so I figured I'd give it a go. I ordered & the nice customer service person asked me what armies I liked.

I told her Space Marines (Raven Guard) and Tau.

I received Space Wolf scouts, Battlefleet Gothic Raiders, 2nd edition Plague Marines, and a Blood Bowl Kroxigor.

Spot on GW. Spot on.

Anyhoo. I've had this guy ever since. I don't play Blood Bowl, but this month's challenge seemed like a good opportunity to take him out of his box.

I live in Oregon, and we don't have a profession (American) football team of our own. Most Oregonians, therefore, are divided between the next closest teams: the Seattle Seahawks and the San Francisco 49ers. I'm fond of Seattle myself, so that's how I painted him up.

I think it's a striking color scheme, and relatively simple to do. The blue was Necron Abyss through Mordian Blue, with Fenrisian Grey highlights (& "scale spots"), and a blue wash. The scales are a base of Warpstone Green mixed with Striking Scorpion, then a mid layer Striking Scorpion, then dots of Striking Scorpion and Badmoon Yellow. I wanted the grey to be warmer, so it started with a base of Mechanicus Grey worked up through Pallid Witch Flesh.

If I ever ended up painting a team, I'd probably continue this style.

One day down. More tomorrow.


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