Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Day 12 & 13: Beastman Gor & Bretonnian Archer

Today is the start of Fantasy week. I've never really played the game, but I've collected plenty of minis over the years, so there'll be a variety this week.

Ever since I saw a fully painted army of beastmen in the Perth Australia GW I've had a soft spot for the bray herd. I snagged this mini from a Navy roommate about a decade ago, and he'd been sitting unbuilt, & unpainted ever since.

He's painted almost entirely with two colors. The skin and fur only use Stormvermin Fur & Palid Witchflesh, but they differed with washes (Nuln Oil for the skin & Agrax Earthshade for the fur). I kept it very earthy to emphasize the bestiality. I picked up a Bestigor mini a little while ago, and I look forward to working on him in the future.

Tuesday's mini is an Bretonnian* bowman from the old 5th edition Brettonaisn vs Lizardmen* box set. Old, one-piece minis like this usually have difficulties in the faces. With this mini the left eye didn't look right at all, so I modeled a little eyepatch for him.

 I gave him a quartered white & blue outfit since it's a nice clean scheme. He's probably too clean, actually. Any peasant that clean would be pretty suspicious. More tomorrow.


*Corrected because I originally thought it was an Empire archer from the 6th ed Orcs vs Empire box

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