Thursday, July 30, 2015

Days 22 & 23: Nurglings & Herald of Nurgle

I've always had a soft spot for Nurgle's daemons. I was particularly excited when they got their own plastic plague bearers back in 2012. They're great looking sculpts, & paint really easily. Usually my painting style lends itself to clean lines, like Eldar, but I really like how my Nurgle minis turn out. I thank Athonian Camoshade wash for that. 

The first mini is the Herald mini I converted a few years ago using a Plague Bearer champion head and a plastic Nurgle Chaos Lord. It's half the price of the generic Herald of Nurgle and really effective.

The nurglings are just an assortment if the extra bits from the Plague Bearer box. I think they were meant as decorations, or fun extras, but I figured I could just make a base for a future unit. That way, if I buy a few more units of bearers I'd also end up with a full unit of nurglings.

I used a few different color schemes here, since I didn't want them to all blend together.

The dark ones use my usual plague bearer scheme (Catachan Green through Nurgling Green with an Athonian Camoshade wash), The light ones are Nurgling Green through White Scar with an Athonian Camoshade wash), and one in the center is Dheneb Stone through White Scar with an Athonian Camoshade wash. Like I said earlier, it's a lot of Athonian Camoshade. 

More tomorrow. I have a few more days, so we'll see what I can complete.


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