Sunday, July 5, 2015

Day 4: HeroQuest Fimir

Back in the 80's Graeme Davis and Jess Goodwin were attempting to create an army race unique Games Workshop, and they created the Fimir (based on the Celtic Fomorians). They're amphibian, weird, and have a really dark background.

GW oroginally planned on expanding them into an army, but according to wikipedia GW was worried their Grimdark backstory might turn off potential players, so they decided to axe them (apparently this was before retconning was in fashion).

Either way, there weren't a lot of Fimir miniatures made, and they're probably best known from HeroQuest.

This guy (all warrior Fimir are male) was picked up from the same friend who gave me the HeroQuest Elf years ago. I chose to go for a olive green skin, so I started with a mix of Thraka Green & Dark Angels Green, building up to a mix of Goblin Green and Catachan Green (I gotta use my old paint before they dry up). Finally, I mixed up to final last layer of Nurgling Green and a wash of Athonian Camoshade. The brass comes from an initial layer of Warplock Bronze, followed by a layer of Balthasar Gold. I then give it a wash of old inks (watered down black and chestnut ink), then layers of Runelord Brass and Mithral Silver.

The green & brass balance fairly well, and I feel supports the whole Celtic vibe. He's simple, but I like it.



  1. I've scanned through your history. Much improvement over the years! Just need to work on your transitions, a smoother transition from your shadows to your mid tones and from your mid tones to your highlights.

    I would also suggest taking your highlights one stage higher and experiment with your color theory, try some non traditional shadows, like a deep blues for human flesh etc etc.

    Keep up the good work! You're well on your way, nothing advances your skills more then practice practice practice.

    1. Thank you for the advice. Honestly, I've been feeling like I've been getting worse lately, so hearing that there's improvement is nice. I've heard someone describe my painting style as looking like "cell shading" so I could probably use cleaner transitions. I've been looking into the two-brush blending style, but I haven't given it a shot yet. A few friends have had success with it though.

      I can see your point on the non-traditional shading as well. About the most extreme I do is using a green washes to shade my reds. I could probably stand to play around with my colors. I have a few blank canvases coming up this month, so maybe I'll try some different schemes.

      Thanks again for your thoughts.