Friday, July 31, 2015

Days 24 & 25: Bloodletter & Bloodcrusher

Alright. I'm in the home stretch. I'd better be at least. At this point I've completed 28 minis: 26 "day" minis, and 2 extras (the SoB & the extra Seeker). For me to feel satisfied in completing my challenge I need to complete 3 more minis today. It'll be close, but I think I'll make it.

The minis for last Friday and Saturday are a pair of Khorne daemons. A Bloodletter & Bloodcrusher. I didn't mean for it to happen this way, but that means for Daemon week I painted up two minis for each Chaos power. Not too shabby. Either way here they are.
The 'Letters & Crusher use the same basic technique, although I used Krylon to basecoat the letter. After the base coat (Red Gore for the Crusher), I layered up to Blood Red, gave it a wash of Baal Red, then mixed highlight layers with "Leprous Brown." My old Leprous Brown dried up years ago, but I've been able to recrete it with a mix of Fiery Orange & Balor Brown. The dark crest & shoulders are just a wash of Leviathan Purple with the spikes picked out in Bleached Bone. The crusher is the biggest minis I've completed in the last 4 years of this challenge, so I'm pretty happy with that, but it did take a bit longer than I'd hoped.
In my personal life I've been asked to come back to work at the newspaper for a month as a temp, & I notice just how poorly balanced my photos are. I might have to go back & re-edit my shots.

More later today.


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