Sunday, July 26, 2015

Days 17 & 18: Skink & Amber Mage

I'm about a week behind at this point, which is the furthest in the hole I've ever been during this challenge. Long story short, I'd forgotten my Summer college finals were this week & I had to concentrate on the last week of classes. I've made some ground though, & I hope to be able to paint 2+ minis a day from this point forward.

Last Friday's mini is an oooold Skink mini I bought when I first started painting. My sophomore year of high school a buddy & I paid for a miniature painting seminar at a local game store (which has since closed) & I walked out with a lizard men painting starter box. After that I picked up a few more blisters, including some metal skinks.

This guy always stood out because of the weird head frill. I've never seen any other skinks with that. When I originally started painting the minis almost 15 years ago I slathered it in yellow, so I stripped it & decided to stay true to the original. I added a few purple spots on the head and back for character as well. He isn't my favorite for the month, but I've done worse.

Next, I previewed this guy earlier, so I figured I should make sure I finished it before the end of the month. He's probably my favorite mini of the month, so far.

I figured a bald eagle would be too stereotypical, so I opted for a Golden Eagle instead. Now that he's all completed I'm really pleased with how the conversion worked out. When I fist blue tacked the bits in place I was skeptical wince the legs looked so plain, but with the hip cloth you can hardly tell they come from a generic chaos troop. It's a good way to finish Fantasy Week.

Tomorrow I'll start posting minis from Daemon Week, and try to catch up as quickly as possible.

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  1. Love that wizard. Been looking forward to seeing that guy painted for a long time. The purple really pops, and between that and the gold you can really tell that he's a beast-themed wizard, and not some Druid wannabe