Monday, July 6, 2015

Day 5: Sisters of Battle Seraphim

Welcome to Imperium Week. We're starting off with a homebrew Sororitas order I've been calling "Order of the Ivory Wings"

This is one of two minis I purchased during a "rally" to show support for Adeptas Sororitas in March (the first is here). I never did hear if anyone at GW noticed the sales spike, although I read a few blogs where it was noticeable how much SoB stock was sold out.

I went for the flame-toting Seraphim in part because flamers are fluff appropriate for the SoBs, but mostly because I like the face mask.

I'm sticking with the original color scheme I tested in March although, at the suggestion of Yorrik, I'm painting the weapon casings a dark red color to cut down on the hard contrast between the ivory armor and black cloth. It's benefits are more noticeable on the other sisters I've painted. If you want you see how to paint the ivory armor I have a brief tutorial in the link above. I'm also thinking about sticking with the blonde hair for all of the sisters. It's different from other groups & looks pretty good with the armor.

I had a little difficulty getting this mini on her base. I'd originally had her leaping off of her right foot, but it looked unbalanced & ended up snapping off the base, so I swapped feet & pinned her in a more natural position. She's still a bit unbalanced, but I can still put some weight in the base.


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