Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Day 7: Rainbow Warrior Space Marine

Last year, Imperium week mostly consisted of Space Wolves & Celestial Lions, so I wanted to be sure to switch it up a bit this time around. So I thought I'd paint up a rarely seen chapter.

This guy has been sitting, half-painted, in my display cabinet for years.

I'd originally started him to demonstrate the zenith spray painting technique at my friendly local game store. A buddy wanted to see if it'd work for his army, so I gave a quick demo on the armor panting using regal blue Krylon, and never bothered to finish him. The armor took maybe 15 minutes to paint, standing up, which is why so many of the lines are sloppy (or at least that's my excuse).

When I was picking through the minis to paint this month he stood out, although I wasn't sure how to complete him. I started by searching through all the Space Marine chapters that had dark blue armor. Crimson Fists would've been the easy choice, but I've done that already. Then I was going to paint him up as a Dark Hunter (since I've never really heard of them before), but in April it occurred to me that the scheme also fits with the oft-joked about Rogue-Trader era chapter the Rainbow Warriors. Not sure why I didn't consider them sooner.

The leftover details were relatively simple, although the rainbow stripe gave me pause. There are several depictions of how the head stripe should be painted and several of them have conflicting designs, so I went with the symmetrical white, red, yellow, green scheme that seemed to be the most common.

This marks day 7, so I've complete a week of minis so far, and still feeling pretty good. I'll post again tomorrow.


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  1. OOOOH! The Inquisition is gonna get you for this one O_o Even GW won't acknowledge them anymore. Run boy RUN!